Managing your business during COVID has created never before seen challenges.  For those that need to the ability to quarantine or vaccinate, the challenges are even greater.  Our rooms for vaccination and quarantine are designed to help you protect AND manage your business.  

Vaccination Room Example

Vaccination Rooms

With millions of Americans poised to be vaccinated in the coming months, dedicated physical spaces will need to be established in order to administer the sheer volume of vaccinations. We have created easy to install structures to allow for orderly and organized administration, available for both purchase and rental.  

Single units or customized for multiple rooms sharing common walls, structures can be accessed from one or two sides. Lockable storage included.

Assembled with a hex key for easy setup, structures can be added to, moved or reconfigured with ease.

See an example of of our safety room installations here.

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Details on Vaccination Rooms

Quarantine Rooms

Quarantine Room Setup

The US Center for Disease Control has issued guidelines for “isolation rooms” to separate anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms or test positive but does not have symptoms. Our TQR – Temporary Quarantine Rooms are perfect for keeping your schools or business safe.

Benefits – 
  • Aligned with CDC Guidelines
  • Five configurations to choose from and the ability to create custom sizes.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Portable and modular to adapt to any environment.
  • Save space with budget-friendly solutions that leverage existing walls or corner areas.
  • Made in USA.
  • Temporary Field Hospitals

    In response to the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the immediate emergency needs of a local community, Nationwide Displays has temporarily stepped away from its core business model to partner in the development of a number of  temporary field hospitals. We’re honored to continue to support the national response to the pandemic.



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