A whole lot is changing as we adapt to the “new normal.” Standing out from the crowd at your events, trade shows, and experiential happenings shouldn’t be one of them. We believe that the same level of dynamism that goes into creating your brand experiences in the physical world should be implemented in the virtual world. A custom 3D virtual exhibit is the solution.

That’s why we’re proud to present Virtual Exhibits and Experiences! Nationwide Displays has over 60 years experience designing and building cutting edge exhibits for the physical space. We’re now quickly emerging as an industry leader in virtual space as well.

Whether your event calls for a virtual booth for a trade show, a facility tour, an e-Learning demonstration, or even an internal company meeting, the possibilities for your virtual environment are simply endless.

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Anyone who’s attended or exhibited at a virtual event knows the limitations of the event-provided technology. Our virtual exhibits and environments blow the lid off those limitations.  Imagine integrating the full spectrum of CRM and Marketing functionality into an environment whose aesthetic boundaries are limitless.  

Maybe best of all, the Virtual Exhibit we create with you is yours even after the event is over. Use it at your next virtual show, directly invite your clients to visit, or share broadly via your social media platforms. The space is yours. You have control of it.

Take our VR Exhibit for a Test Drive.

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Features and Advantages of a VR Exhibit Experience

Integration of Virtual Experiences into Digital Marketing

eCommerce, CRM-Integration, and Analytics

Seamlessly integrate your full digital marketing and CRM tool box into your virtual exhibit via dynamic interactive features accessed by visitors from within the 3D environment. 

As visitors engage with your exhibit, they can access embedded eCommerce sites, CRM forms, social media platform functionality and more.

Track your booth traffic and user behavior with your Google Analytics account just as you do with your website. 

Award-Winning Design, Video, and Motion Graphic Creation

Our award-winning design team works closely with you to design your eye-popping virtual environment, video, and motion graphics, creating an exhilarating immersive experience for your visitors.

This is where your statement is made. Whether your virtual space is a reflection of your physical exhibit counterpart for brand consistency or if you’re creating a unique journey through an imaginary land to tell your story, we believe that the experiential design should harmoniously reinforce your brand’s messaging and personality.

Nationwide Displays Virtual Experience


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No need for distracting floating windows that take users outside of the environment. Fully integrated, embedded video meetings and live chat functionality allows for that human connection from within your space. 


Woman using VR Goggles to experience a virtual exhibit

Visitors enter your exhibit via the device of their choosing– desktop, mobile, tablet, and for those looking for an out-of-this-world experience, your virtual exhibit is Virtual Reality compatible, viewable with any set of VR Goggles.